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Lifestyles Catering is a consolidation of two very talented people, Tanis Hargrave and Chef Todd Timleck.

TanisIn 2003 Tanis Hargrave started a company called The Roving Chef which was designed to cater healthy gourmet meals to busy families. Her youngest son Daniel had just undergone a double lung transplant as a result of Cystic Fibrosis and she wanted to create a business that was more hands on and closer to home.

Previously  she had run a national event company.  Within a few months The Roving Chef had grown from providing daily meals for clients to a full fledged catering company. Tanis loved the challenge and satisfaction of providing a one stop shop for her clients covering every detail from rentals, staffing to entertainment.

In 2005 she took over the kitchen at Willow Springs Winery north of Stouffville where she resided until 2009. It was here that she met Chef Todd Timleck. She still remembers a very hectic Christmas season in 2008. She was struggling to find some additional help to get her through the many parties and events that she had booked. It seems that her wishes were quickly granted when she received an email from a Todd Timleck requiring about employment over the busy weeks of December.

It took only three days before Todd was a permanent part of the team. Chef Todd cuttingTanis and Todd have grown a great deal since 2008. Their partnership reflects how  the right amount of ingredients can produce amazing results. Todd manages the kitchen side of the business and Tanis takes care of the sales and marketing.

Chef Todd Timleck was trained by Michelin Chef Roland and Osman Saleh. Todd has his Red Seal Certification and has been in the food service industry for the past 31 years. In addition to many years of managing top restaurants, he ran his own fine-dining establishment, Chez Splat in Unionville for 6 years. His arrival brought a wealth of knowledge and creativity to the team. Extremely talented in many cuisines, Chef Todd  continues to create innovative dishes that leave clients wanting more.

In 2011 they took over the kitchen facilities at Timberlane Athletic Club in Aurora.  It was at this time they experienced a very important change. Concerned about the rapidly changing food industry and unhealthy processed foods consumed by so many Canadians they changed their focus.  Healthier meals, organic and gluten-free were now available for all their clients. In addition to their catering they also operated an in-house bistro providing healthy meals for the TAC members.

Nosh Files January 14th, 2015 (From an Article in The Woman’s Post)

Tanis Hargrave is a lifelong food lover and has spent years researching recipes to deliver creative and tantalizing flavours to her customers. The Aurora business, borne from a personal crisis and a need to stay close to home in 2003, fuses passion and professionalism. Customer testimonials rant about their delicious meals that are always event appropriate, and all promise to use their services again and again. Their ability to customize delicious, healthy, and gourmet meals to meet all their clients’ needs, and a great personalities to boot, make them one of the best event organizers/caterers for any function you can imagine. (Tanis will even help you come up with reasons to have a party!)

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